I know it might be hard to believe, but sometimes people interact with me!

Q: When will the next Paisley Sage book be out?

A: My publisher is preparing a contract now. I have yet to see the terms, so I really don’t know.

Q: What made you start MoonPrism?

A: This is a long story, but I’ll nutshell it: I wanted a tiara and I couldn’t find one on eBay. Fastforward two years to 2002, I found some metal at a Hobby Lobby. I made four tiaras from one sheet of metal and put them on for eBay $10 Buy It Now (each). All four sold by morning. By fall that year, I had bought MoonPrism.com and was filling hundreds of orders for cosplayers out of my parents basement while simultaneously going to school. All that money? Gas money.

And Cheez-It money. The white cheddar kind. Important details.

Q: What did you make after making a tiara?

A: By the end of 2002, I was making glaives and staves of various sizes. I started taking commissions on all sorts of things, mostly related to the Final Fantasy series. By 2004, some of my items started showing up on TV. In 2011, independent film companies in Australia begin commissioning me. I expanded from small props to all sorts of things, but never actual costuming. Fabric is scary!

Q: Why don’t you do anything anymore?

A: Ouch. My one true passion is writing. I’ve been writing awesome (read: ridiculous) stories since I was seven years old. I had been writing one story in particular for over 10 years, lots of world building and character development, writing classes, really mean literary agents, and I finally got signed and published by Fey Publishing. I started funneling more energy into what I hope will someday be a lucrative career so I’m no longer weird and can finally be eccentric.

Q: What kind of metal do you use?

A: Brass. K&S Engineering .015 – HOWEVER, I started out on .005. It’s much thinner and easier to cut. After 12 years of cutting tiara metal, I have really strong hands. If you have never cut metal by hand, don’t start with .015. Start with .005 and work your way up.

Seriously, I can lift logs with just the grip of my fingers. It freaks my husband out.

Q: Why don’t you use Worbla? It’s better and reusable.

A: I don’t use Worbla because I have a deep fear of new things, plus I don’t really care too much about things being reusable because I sell the things I make. If I were a serial cosplayer, I would definitely be more interested in Worbla.

Q: Are you a cosplayer?

A: No. Frankly, I’m not really comfortable enough in my own skin. I love cosplay and I hope to do it someday.

Q: Where did the idea for Paisley come from?

A: A mix of a weird thing I found in my front yard and a terrifying nightmare. That humming sound resonated with me for a long time. There were things from that dream that were so frightening, I was never able to talk about them, let alone write them down. They’re not in the book.

Also, Paisley started out as a lighthearted, fun book meant for kids. It took a dark turn pretty fast.


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