Focus Splitting


I attended a professional development meeting in February that really stuck with me. Well, no, I guess it didn’t in its entirety, but the energy/focus portion of it did. I tend to be the one on the left.

I have all these little goals, little projects, things that feel so very important that I need to do.

Really, there are only two things that I need to worry about immediately. I need to make extra money (to pay for heating during winter) and I need to take better care of myself.

Then I start overthinking. I need to meal plan. I have to calculate every calorie. I need to stop drinking soda. I need to this, I need to that.

And then when the intention was to be the arrow on the right, I’m the blob on the left again.

The reality is that these things are actually fairly simple. It’s me that over-complicates them.

I run a little business (in addition to my full-time job) where I sell hand-made cosplay items. I get lots and lots of requests, but I’m always so busy with something else that I can’t take on the extra work. What do I do to remedy this?

Stop thinking. Stop obsessing. Just do things.

I have a gym membership. Go to the gym. Do gym things. Boom.

I have time on weekends to work on items (and not play candy crush for 6 hours). Work on the things. Ship them. Boom.

It’s so easy, but my stupid brain complicates the crap out of everything.

Goal 1: Train and run a 5k on October 29.

Goal 2: Save $1000 for firewood/electricity over the winter.


Obviously I need to stop living on sugar. So stop. Done.




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